Student Value Meal

Welcome Back UW Madison Students

We have heard your cries for help Madison. You need a proper student value meal. No longer do you need to waste your money at Fast Food joint to be disappointed with a limp patty some cold fries and a ridiculous soft drink. We say enough is enough. We are offering an exclusive student value meal to Madison WI area students for the same price of a big box value meal. Stop in to The Red Zone Madison on Regent St and for only $7 get a burger, some fries and yes a beer. 

What about the fine print?

Obviously there are some limitations. We will make it clear for you:

  • 21 or older for the beer
  • Miller Lite tap beer only
  • Two Toppings (bacon extra)
  • Dine In only
  • If you are under 21 you can have wonderful fountain soda while your friends of age...DRINK BEER!