Banquet Policy


1. The Red
Zone (TRZ) reserves the right to require a security and/or cleaning deposit at
the time of booking. Said deposit will be applied to balance due after the
event concludes if no damage or excessive cleaning is performed.

2. The use
of glitter, confetti and aerosol foam string is prohibited. If this policy is
violated, a minimum cleanup fee of $200 will be added to the final bill.

3. Venue
or bathroom doors may never be locked for any reason due to fire codes.

4. The Red
Zone is not responsible for damage or loss of any merchandise, articles and
personal belongings prior to, during or following the function.

5. The
Red Zone does not accept responsibility for the security of gifts or card boxes
prior to, during or following the social function. It is The Group’s
responsibility to secure all gifts and cards received
to dinner

6. No
signs or banners may be hung or displayed in any public areas of The Red Zone
other than those associated with the pre- approved exhibit display registration
desk or theme party. Limited signage is permitted in the meeting rooms provided
it meets the standards established by The Red Zone. All signage requests must
be approved in advance and in writing by The Red Zone. For an additional fee,
the sales office can arrange to have easels or piping available for
freestanding display.

There is a
nominal charge for The Red Zone’s staff to hang banners of $25.00 per banner.
The Group shall not attach staples, tape, glue or nails to the walls, ceilings,
furniture or fixtures of The Red Zone. The Group shall leave The Red Zone’s,
including, but not limited to, guestrooms and Meeting/Function rooms in the
same condition they were in prior to the event. The Group shall remove all
displays, materials, signs, banners and decorations prior to departure. Any
expenses incurred by The Red Zone

as the
result of The Group’s breach of this provision shall be charged to The Group.
In addition, The Group shall be responsible for the return, in good operating
condition, of any mechanical equipment and furnishings provided by The Red Zone
and used by The Group during its function(s).

7. Disc
jockey service and bands are required to end their music promptly by
upon time
. Power requirements for the band/disc
jockey must be communicated to The Red Zone for approval at least two weeks
prior to event. Volume must be kept at an appropriate level. Management
reserves the right to control the volume levels at any point during the
function when it is deemed necessary and when the levels are exceeding the
point where it compromises the comfort of The Red Zone or patrons of The Red

8. Bar
services will end promptly at agreed upon time. The bartender will give last
call for alcoholic beverages thirty (30) minutes before the scheduled bar end
time. Function rooms must be vacated by 30 minutes after close of scheduled
time. The Red Zone’s management reserves the right to refuse service of alcoholic
beverages to any guest.

9. The Red
Zone staffs one bartender for every 75 guests. A bartending fee of $55 per
bartender will apply to cash bars, to bars requested for groups of less than 75
people, and if additional staffing is requested.

10. Any deliveries
or outside setup activities must be confirmed through the sales office one week
prior to the function date.

11. The
Red Zone reserves the right to inspect and control all private parties,
meetings, receptions, etc. being held on the premises. ALL food and beverage
requirements for any event must be supplied by The Red Zone pursuant to a
separate Banquet Event Order, with the exception of special cakes that must
come from a licensed food dealer.

12. Due to
strict Health Department codes, no food or beverage may be removed from the
premises, with the exception of any special cakes brought in by a licensed food

13. The
Red Zone will not accept any responsibility for special cakes or decorations
brought into The Red Zone. Only licensed bakeries are permitted to bring cakes
into The Red Zone. Cakes must be set up by the bakery preparing the cake.

14. All
food and beverage prices are subject to change. Menus and pricing can be
confirmed 45 days prior to your event by way of a signed Banquet Event Order.
Menu pricing does not include applicable taxes or service charges.

15. Menu
selections must be confirmed no later than two weeks (14 days) prior to the
event date.

16. One
entrée selection on all banquet menus is recommended. Exceptions can be made
for dietary or religious restrictions. If more than one entrée is selected
there will be an additional charge per guaranteed person as follows: 2 entrées,
plus $1; 3 entrées, plus $2.

17. The
Red Zone reserves the right to substitute an entrée of equal value if the
guarantee increases. All charges will be based upon the guarantee or the actual
number of guests, whichever is greater.

18. Confirmation
on the guaranteed number of guests for attendance and each entrée served for
meal functions must be made by 10 a.m., five (5) business days in advance of
the scheduled function. Once this number is quoted the Group will be charged
for the guarantee number of guests even if fewer attend, or the The Group
cancels after that time. Should the group provide any higher subsequent
guarantee to The Red Zone, the Group will be charged the higher number since
food has been purchased for the higher number. If no guarantee number is
received, the estimated attendance number provided on the Banquet Event Order
or Function Agreement will set as the guarantee and will be charged

19. The
Red Zone reserves the right to reassign function rooms according to the
fluctuation of attendance or other changes. All room setup details must be
given to The Red Zone within five (5) business days of the scheduled function.
Any changes in the room setup within twenty four (24) hours of the event are
subject to a $75 labor charge.

20. Customized
floor plans or diagrams must be submitted for The Red Zone’s approval no less
than five (5) business days prior to the event, if applicable.

21. For
assigned seating, the table assignments and coded name cards must be submitted
at the time of your guarantee. Any changes made within 72 hours prior to your
event must be discussed directly with your event planner or a member of The Red
Zone’s management staff. Voice messages or e-mail messages will not be accepted
unless a reply is sent back confirming the changes.

22. All
prices are subject to a 21% service charge and applicable Wisconsin state and Dane
county sales tax. Groups requesting sales tax exception must submit their
Wisconsin tax exemption certificate at least five business days prior to the
scheduled function in order to be approved for exemption status. All federal,
state, and local law as regarding food and beverage purchases and consumption
shall be strictly adhered to.

Deposits are required for all social functions. Payment is required in advance
of the function as follows:

a. A deposit of amount according to
schedule on Function Agreement or Banquet Event Order.

b. Final payment for the function is due
five (5) business days before the event by cash, credit card, certified bank check
or cashier’s check.

24. In the
event of a cancellation, The Red Zone must be notified in writing. All deposits
and payments are forfeited unless The Red Zone is able to rebook the cancelled
date with an event of comparable value. In the case of rebooking, The Red Zone will
refund the deposit and payments made. Any cancellation for the sole purpose of
utilizing another hotel/venue will result in one-hundred percent (100%) of
anticipated food, beverage, function space and guest rooms revenue without
respect to date of cancellation.

25. All
corporate groups approved for direct billing will agree to payment terms of 30
days. A finance charge of 1½% per month (18% annual) will be applied to the
unpaid balance after 30 days, if The Group was approved for direct billing status.
If a corporate event cancels, refer to specific terms on the signed Agreement.

26. The
Red Zone’s sales staff will gladly arrange for audiovisual equipment, special
linens, flowers and other specialty items required to make The Group’s function
memorable and successful for an additional charge. To ensure all items will be
available and can be delivered on time for The Group’s function, all requests
must be placed no less than two (2) weeks prior to your scheduled event. The
Red Zone will not accept responsibility for storing items brought into The Red
Zone overnight. Additional fees apply when such items require additional set up
by The Red Zone’s staff.

27. Any
telephone calls made from the meeting rooms will be charged to your account.

28. The
Red Zone staffs one coat attendant for every 100 guests. A coat attendant fee
of $55 will apply for each attendant required. The Red Zone will provide a
self-service coat check area complimentary for groups less than 100 people. The
Red Zone is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

29. The
parking lot surrounding The Red Zone is available to banquet patrons. Valet
parking is available upon request. The Red Zone staffs on valet for group up to
50 guests; two valets for groups of 50-100 guests and three valets for groups
over 100 guests. The fee, not including tip, is $100 per valet per

All parking is subject to availability. The Red Zone, its owner, and operators
shall not be held liable for failure to carry out such arrangements including banquet
room availability, and menu selection as mentioned which are caused by fire,
strikes, acts of God, or other conditions beyond the reasonable control of The
Red Zone, its owners, or operators.



Signed Banquet Event Orders supersede this document.

I have
read, understand and agree to these terms and policies.


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