Booking Policy

The Red Zone (TRZ) is and will continue to be one of Madison’s finest spots for Live Music. It’s what we are committed to and what we do best. That said, we receive several hundreds of booking requests via the web site as well as in person and though regular mail. We book a wide variety of music with the intention of establishing a high standard and deserved reputation that says to our customers ‘ If they are playing there, then they must be good.’  Requesting a weekend date does not get you one, even if in the past you claim to have packed the house, and made us plenty of money (we hear this all the time, even though there is only a handful of bands that truly have).

Submitting a ‘current’ CD or URL is fine in providing a sample of your music . We prefer that you are listed on This helps us identify your band. It is free and is very helpful for you as well.

We currently have several bands on a weekend rotation. These bands are proven draws with the local scene (but not necessarily local bands) as well as bringing in their own following. This is mainly what we are looking for. The rest of the bands are of known quality to us and usually have a history of playing the The Annex. Touring bands get a special consideration, as most are looking for a one time gig. But they would have to fit into the talent level and class of music we currently enjoy.

In order to break into this line up you need to do the following:

  • Book a couple of weekday evenings or Sunday nights (Thursdays are not included)
  • Listing on Reverbnation is preferred. This helps us and you.
  • Promote the dates other than e-mailings by creating and distributing posters, notify the usual sites, promoting at other venues etc …
  • Promote and bring people to the TRZ to see you. Simply relying on walk-in traffic is not acceptable
  • Once that we see you can consistently draw a crowd other than the TRZ regulars (as they will be there with or without music) and provide high quality entertainment, you will be eligible for weekend booking.

Being eligible does not mean entitled. Once the above conditions are met, you will be invited to perform. The quickest way not to get booked is by demanding a weekend because you deserve it. If you do not have enough material to fill a four hour night, and you need to bring a couple of bands with you, chances are you’re not ready for prime time. If your band is drawing attention we will notice it.